Letter to the Editor: Utah 2019 Tax Referendum Group Seeks Support on Tax Reform


Recently, the Utah Legislators held a special session in which they made significant changes to the Utah tax structure. They offered an incentive to decrease income taxes; however, they also increased food and gasoline taxes, as well as many services utilized by ordinary citizens. A nonpartisan group known as the Utah 2019 Tax Referendum was formed to stop the tax bill and allow the issue to be put on the November 2020 ballot. This would allow voters the opportunity to have a voice.

Recently, a powerful business watchdog group, The Utah Taxpayers Association, came out against the citizens’ group, claiming that the decrease in income tax would offset taxes collected on food and fuel. However, there is no proof to this claim. The Tax Referendum group claims just the opposite. As citizens of rural Utah, we have historically paid more for goods and services – including food and fuel – because it supposedly costs more to provide these goods and services to rural communities. Now, you are being asked to once again carry the burden of increased taxes, with no proof that anything will be done to “level the playing field.”

We cannot afford to sit back and allow these changes to take place. Our voices must be heard and our expectations must be demonstrated through proactive steps taken. Your signature on the Utah 2019 Tax Referendum Packet will show desire on the part of Emery County citizens to provide input to future tax reallocation – demonstrated by the vote of the majority and not the desire of a few who want to mandate changes without participation from those who will ultimately be left “holding the bag” through increased taxes.

For information on signing the Utah 2019 Tax Referendum Packet, go to Utah2019tax.com

Utah 2019 Tax Referendum Group

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