Letter to the Editors: The 351st Bomb Group of WWll


Recently, my 12 year old grandson and I ran across a book of my father’s titled “The 351st Bomb Group in WWll” by Peter Harris and Ken Harbour. I informed Jackson that his great grandfather, Jack Snowball, was a member of the 351st and served at Polebrooke air base in England.

Jackson began looking through the photos and found the names of all those that were members of the 351st. Finding his great grandfather’s name, his excitement grew and he began asking me questions.

My mind flooded with memories. Not much was ever said about Dad’s time in WWll. He would make occasional remarks, but never went into much detail. However, there was always a sad and wistful look in his eyes when he spoke of the war.

I stayed with my father in his home toward the end of his days on earth. One night about 2 a.m., my father got out of his bed and was unlocking the front door. I immediately got up, questioning his actions. His mind had went back to his war days. He informed me his house had been commandeered by the general. I began explaining to him that it hadn’t, and his days at Polebrooke were in the past. Consumed by his memories, he began explaining to me that he was not able to go on the upcoming bombing mission. He said,” I just cannot do it again.” His eyes help sadness and looked so tired. He began telling me how he and other members of the group were tormented by the fact that innocent lives were lost. Yet, a proud and fierce look entered his eyes. We had to do it, he said, we had to protect America and those innocent receptors of Hitler’s and Japan’s ugly wrath… We talked a while as he began to calm down and realize we were here in America and home. He shared some things with me that I have never been told by him.

It was then, I realized, the torment and ugliness of war. It was then, I realized, sometimes there is not choice but to defend your country and people.

During these last days of this earth, we have those that think we just have to love everybody and accept their ways; tossing our freedoms aside. From the very beginning, since Satan intervened, it has been good versus evil. I am trying to make a valid point to those of you who say God is love. Yes, He is, but, did He not part the sea for Moses and the Israelite to escape Egypt? The Egyptian soldiers perished in the sea waters as God intended. Did our God not let David kill Goliath? How many wars did King David fight against evil? These were God’s special people and He aided them in their quest against evil! It would be nice if we lived in a perfect world, Unfortunately, perfection will only be after Jesus Christ defeats evil in the FINAL BATTLE. His words, not mine.

Bottom line, it’s all coming down to Biblical prophesy. Be diligent and seek our God!

Trust isn’t the answer, nor is open doors and loving everybody. Good cannot love, not condone evil!

Mary Helen Shiew
Price, Utah

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