Letters to the Editor: What Happened to Senator Orrin Hatch?


Senator Orrin Hatch wants a speedy, fair confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and brags about how many hundreds of documents and thousands of pages he pored over to confirm Gorsuch’s qualifications.

Did you give Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland the same courtesy/professional review, Senator?  Yes, that Merrick Garland, whom you said there was “no question” could be confirmed to the Supreme Court.  The same nominee who is… “highly qualified,” whose “legal experience is … impressive,” and whom you “would place … at the top of the list.”  Except that you didn’t.

Oh, the hyprocrisy!

Your high-sounding rhetoric rings hollow, sir.  I happen to believe Mr. Gorsuch is a qualified nominee.  My beef is the unethical obstruction of Mr. Garland.  How dare you lecture us on the dangers of politicizing the judicial process!  Your leading role in obstructing Mr. Garland’s confirmation was the most overt politicization of the judicial process I’ve ever seen.

Whatever happened to you, Senator?  You used to be a principled politician.  Should Utah investigate Donald Trump for elderly abuse?

Scott Bell
West Jordan

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