Life Saving Price City Police Officer Honored


A Price City Police Officer was presented with a Meritorious Life Saving Award at the Price City Council meeting Wednesday evening.

Officer Ed Malmgren received the award for his actions during a response to an alleged overdose on Nov. 7.

According to a commendation letter read by Price City Police Chief Aleck Shilaos, Malmgren responded to a call in North Price and was directed to an unresponsive 19-year-old female. Malmgren was able to help clear the woman’s airway during resuscitation efforts.

The letter said, “Without the assistance she received from Officer Malmgren she would have easily died.”

Councilman Jeanne McEvoy said, “I think we need to take the time to thank our Officers for what they do for us.”

“The actions [Malmgren] performed in this dire situation are commendable,” Shilaos said. “[Malmgren] upheld the standards that embrace the Price City Police Department.”

Price City Mayor Joe Piccolo congratulated Malmgren and praised local law enforcement officers from local agencies for the protection and service they provide.

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