Lighthouse High School Graduates Inaugural Class


Lighthouse High School held Class of 2011 graduation ceremonies at Mont Harmon Middle School Thursday.

Jeff Richens gave an address to the graduates congratulating them and the staff on creating the new school. He told them that like a pencil they would have a few painful sharpening along the way, but the pains would help them to be better.

Richens challenged each of them to “ become the Hero in [their] own story.”

The inaugural graduating class of Lighthouse High School included:

Kale Cotner

Ryan Cranford

Britanie Damron

Nichole Melanie Davis

Randall Rhett Everett

Bryce Golly

Dominique M Herrera, Valedictorian

Jessie Herrera

Justin Hopkins

Jessica Huitt

Shilo Jean Jenkins

Dallan Jensen

Haylee A Jensen, Salutatorian

Steven Tyler Konakis

Derrick Korenko

Kendra Lister

Antonio Mendoza

Dylan Migliori

Shaina Lila Murray

Sammy Olsen

Demce Perri

Madalyne Reynolds

Devin Robertson

Nina A Shrewsbury

Dallas C Wooden

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