Lighthouse High School Stays Busy


Press Release

On Nov. 15, several students of Jamie Howa’s class went to Lacaille, a French-Belgian chateau located in Sandy Utah. Before going to the restaurant, the students were taught proper etiquette and how to eat escargot. The students loved trying new foods and practicing their new skills. They were respectful and appreciative of the whole experience. They had an awesome day!
Mrs. Howa is a new teacher at Lighthouse High School this year. She went to Utah State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. She teaches Foods and Nutrition 1 and 2, and a credit recovery class. She taught five years at Helper Junior High before leaving to raise her son. She has enjoyed teaching at LHS because everyone has been so helpful. Also, she has loved getting to know her students.They make every day a new adventure!
On Nov. 30, several students of Heidi Essex’s class went to the Pioneer Museum in Castle Dale and the Museum of the San Rafael. They learned first hand what life was like in the late 19th century. The students enjoyed the experience. The staff of each museum complimented the behavior of the students, saying that they’d never seen such a well-behaved group of high school students.
Ms. Essex teaches U. S. History II, World Civilizations and U. S. Government & Citizenship. This is her first year teaching. Her goal as a teacher is to help young people become successful. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in History. Her favorite thing about teaching is “helping to make the connection of the past, the present and the future.” She enjoys teaching at LHS because of the small class sizes, which helps the teachers have a better relationship with the students and helps the students learn better.
LHS also has students who participate in athletic events. This quarter, Nathan Velasquez has competed in and is doing well at wrestling. He competes in the 170 weight class. Wrestling has been his favorite sport since he was four-years-old.
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