Lighthouse Students Create Unique Skateboards


Students in Evan Westenskow’s wood shop class at Lighthouse High have been working diligently on a skateboard project. As the project nears completion, Tommy Zmuda and Kurtis Tatton presented their one-of-a-kind creations before those in attendance at the Carbon School District meeting on March 12.

Skateboards with elaborate colors and artwork lined the board room. Zmuda explained that it took three days just to design his board. “I wanted to create something different and unique,” he explained. “After the design was done, it took over three weeks to build.”

Westenskow explained that he learned the art of making a skateboard along with the students. “I watched a lot of YouTube videos to figure out the building process,” he stated. “In the end, each student had created a customized board, which in a store would cost upwards of $300.”

The wood shop teacher decided to have his students create something that they would be excited over. “I could have had them make an end table, but I don’t think it would have had the same outcome,” Westenskow joked. “These kids have created something they will use and enjoy for a long time.”


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