Lightning Starts Fire in Huntington Canyon


Photo courtesy of the Emery County Sheriff’s Office

Lightning ignited a fire in Huntington Canyon on Monday afternoon.

According to Rachel Cresto, center manager for the Moab Interagency Fire Center, the fire started near Crandall Canyon Mine, south of the drainage proper. Currently, the fire covers two acres of unaccessible land. A helicopter crew was dispatched Tuesday afternoon and completed work for a landing zone. According to Cresto, a crew will arrive in the zone on Tuesday to fight the fire.

“Our intention is to suppress the fire today so that all crews and helicopters can return to their other assignments,” Cresto said.

Crews that will fight the fire in Huntington have been working at the Porcupine Fire near Mayfield. The Moab Interagency Fire Center is confident that the fire in Huntington Canyon can be quickly suppressed thanks to help from precipitation in the area.


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