Lingering smoke may be caused by wildfire near Moab


Local residents woke up to a smokey haze across the area Wednesday morning. According to Manti-La Sal National Forest Service Representative Sandy Nelson, a fire approximately 30 miles east of Moab may be contributing to the haze.

The Sinbad Fire, which was sparked by lightning on July 7, is currently burning on the eastern side of Manti-La Sal Forest terrain. Nelson explained that the fire has consumed 215 acres and is approximately five percent contained. Located in steep terrain, an aircraft is being used to douse the blaze. Also, three hand crews consisting of approximately 80 firefighters are working the fire line.

Wildfires in surrounding states may also be contributing smoke to the local air. Depending on wind patterns, wildfires hundreds of miles away can contribute smoke that lingers in unsuspecting places.

Nelson cannot confirm the Sinbad Fire is producing smoke in the Castle Country area, but she did explain that the Moab and Grand Junction areas are being coated by haze due to the wildfire.

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