Little Crowns Fly at the Mini, Little and Junior Miss Emery Pageant


By Traci Bishop

Family, friends and a large number of the community flocked to the Emery High School theater on Friday evening to bear witness to an adorable display of talent, wit, style and gorgeous dresses as 14 hopefuls competed to win the title of Mini, Little and Junior Miss Emery County.

Beginning the night with an introduction of the participants, the night jumped right into a question and answer segment. Those that were competing were then given the chance to show their strengths in the talent portion of the evening, which largely gave way to dance numbers.

The evening gown portion rounded out the evening. While the judges tallied their choices, a short video of the 2018 royalty was shown. Afterward, Baylor Smith was crowned as Mini Miss Emery County. The Little Miss Emery Second attendant was named as Peyton Oman, while 1st attendant went to Ashlyn Johansen. Little Miss Emery was named as Hallie Frandsen.

The first attendant for Junior Miss Emery was awarded to Skye Atwood and the crown for Junior Miss Emery was placed on the head on Harlee Robinson. The event would like to thank Johansen and Tuttle for their generous contribution to the pageant.

DVDs of the pageant are available for purchase by emailing

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