Live Independently With Vision Impairments With Assistance From Active Re-Entry


The low vision programs at Active Re-Entry are provided for anyone that has vision loss of 20/50 or less in the best eye with the best correction, stable 20/70 or less in the best eye with best correction or a visual field loss of 30 percent or less in the best eye and total blindness.

Laurey Herzog is the independent living and older blind coordinator at Active Re-Entry. These programs are intended to assistance with discovering techniques to maintain independence with activities such as cooking, sewing, gardening and more.

Herzog will assist those that come to her through the available resources including but not limited to reader/driver programs, tax abatement, library services and assistance with activities of daily living (ADL). Herzog introduces individuals to low vision clinics and the Deafblind Program and works with the low vision equipment loan bank to ensure that equipment is readily available for consumers in need. The Aids to Daily Living classes which are also provided by Active Re-Entry, introduce attendees to orienting themselves safely in their homes, organization skills and how to manage your vision loss and maintain your Independence in your home and community.

Monthly support group meetings are also hosted for those that are living with vision impairmen. On occasion, a day trip may be hosted for social interaction and to share techniques and ideas. For more information on these programs, contact Herzog at (435) 637-4950 or

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