Local Athletes Named to Utah Academic All-State Teams


The Utah High School Athletic Association has awarded the following individuals to their respective Academic All-State Teams for 2018-19 fall season:

Boys’ Golf: Logan Healy, EHS; Oakley Toomer, EHS

Girls’ Tennis: Jewelianna Nielsen, CHS; Sherisse Pendleton, CHS; Madison McCandless, EHS

Boys’ Cross Country: Parker Humer, CHS; Jace Collard, EHS; Mason Faimalo, EHS; Walker Woolsey, EHS

Girls’ Cross Country: Emma Haddock, CHS; Regan Hanson, CHS; Britlie Sharp, CHS

Football: Makade Bradley, CHS; Kyson Stilson, EHS; Brock Winter, EHS

Volleyball: Bailey Huggard, EHS; Zoey Kocks, PCA; Kylee VanWagoner, PCA

Girls’ Soccer: Elley Cowdell, CHS; Ronni Williams, CHS; Morgan Hurdsman, EHS; Sydney Terwilleger, EHS

These student athletes and their supporters should be proud of the athletes’ hard work to achieve such an amazing accomplishment.

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