Local Author Carla Kelly Speaks at Price City Library


Carla Kelly spoke about her new book, “My Loving Vigil Keeping,” which takes place in Scofield, on Wednesday evening.

Carla Kelly is a local author from Wellington and is widely known for her Regency romance genre novels. After studying at Brigham Young University, Kelly started her career as an writer. One of her newest novels, “My Loving Vigil Keeping,” was written about the Winter Quarters mining disaster that took place in May 1900. Kelly spoke about how much research and dedication it took to produce the novel which was published in August 2012.

“I wanted to do it right,” she said. “Even if no one knows that I did, I will know.”

Kelly has also written approximately 30 other novels that can be purchased from numerous Internet sites including Amazon.com. Her newest novel, “Her Hesitant Heart,” will be released in April.

Those wishing to meet authors and listen to their presentations may do so Wednesdays at 6 p.m. Author’s night at the library will run for at least the next three weeks.


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