Local Author Jennifer Clark Hosts Book Signing at Price City Library


Local author Jennifer K. Clark hosted a book signing at the Price City Library Thursday evening. At the event, Clark spoke about her book “In Too Deep” and answered questions from those in attendance.

“In Too Deep” revolves around a women named Haley Carter who is struggling to pay bills and take care of her disabled mother. Due to the hardships, Carter takes on the coal mining industry as the only female working underground with a goal to prove herself. She then faces something far more evil than gender politics; someone is trying to kill her and she might be falling in love.

Clark explained how she went to coal mines to learn more about the industry to make her book more realistic and appealing. During the signing, she mentioned how lunches were sacred to miners. If someone were to hide your lunch or ruin it, there were no options to go grab something from town or order take out. Therefore, you had nothing to eat. She incorporated real life scenarios that happen in the mine, such as this, and explained how there is a part in the book where the men take Carter’s lunch away from her.

To purchase “In Too Deep” from Amazon, please click here.

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