Local Boy Scouts Speak With Council Members to Urge Community Additions and Improvements


A group of local Boy Scouts took time out of their day on Wednesday to attend the Price City Council meeting and present the council members with a handful of ideas that they had to improve the community.

First, the group of boys asked the council members whether or not they were given permission to clean the BMX trail. In order to clean the area, they also requested that they be provided with necessary supplies. Council member Terry Willis thanked the boys for their willingness, then informed them that the BMX trail is in the works and will be improved and re-done.

However, that project isn’t believed to be completed until the end of summer. As Mayor Joe Piccolo pointed out, that is a long handful of months for young boys. The group was then directed to speak with Miles Nelson to see what they could do to help out until the trail is worked on.

The scouts then gave the council members ideas for an RC car track, a splash pad for younger children, a recreation center and more. Mayor Piccolo urged the boys to give all of their ideas to Nelson in order for them to be remembered and considered. They were then thanked by all of the council members for bringing their ideas to them and for wanting to improve the community.

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