Local Boys & Girls Club Delighted in Transportation Addition

The local Boys & Girls Club of Carbon County is happy to announce improvements to its vans as an addition to its resources.

The club’s two vans were made new again through generous donations and are white and brown, respectively. The white van had a lot of work done to it thanks to labor donations from Price City Mayor Joe Piccolo’s shop Supreme Muffler and Brake. Mayor Piccolo has supported the Boys & Girls Club for many years and the labor was donated. The Boys & Girls Club is very grateful for Mayor Piccolo’s generosity, stated club director Josie Luke.

Luke spoke briefly of a particular time when they were transporting the kids of the club back from a trip to the park in the white van. One of the kids leaned on the back window and the entire window fell out. Due to the age of both vans, Mayor Piccolo’s shop had a hard time finding a window that fit but was ultimately able to locate one.

“It’s just fact that people would go above and beyond what you would expect them to do to help the club because clearly they understand the effect the program has on the kids,” Luke stated.

The brown van had labor and parts donated by Auto Farm Price Auto Group. The mechanic, who was a previous member of the Boys & Girls Club, volunteered his free time to work on the van. The Price Auto Group then reached out to a glass company in town for a free windshield. The company also manufactured a part on the door in order for the club to use the van.

At the beginning of repairs, neither of the vans were operational. Boys & Girls club Board President Megan Marshall stated that getting children from their schools to the club proved challenging, especially when the weather changed. With the addition of the vans, transporting members from school to the club, not to mention activities around the city, is much easier.

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