Local Business Owner Donates Metal Artwork to Exit 240


Press Release

There is a new addition to exit 240 thanks to Ralph Keele, owner of Metal Works located right here in Price. Because of his very kind donation of creating and installing this dinosaur at exit 240, it shows that Keele understands that we are all in this together; making this extra effort to help in whatever way that he can to bring beautification to our community and the economic impact that this can have is what enticed Keele to donate this piece of metal art work in the first place.

The idea of a dinosaur originated from Cheryl Lupo and upon visiting the Metal Works shop, Lupo spoke with Keele on the possibility of placing a special metal piece in the form of a dinosaur at exit 240. Keele knew that this piece of metal art would draw travelers’ eye and might entice travelers to visit the USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum and possibly stay a day or two to see what else might be going on. As a way to beautify the city, the metal art dinosaur makes the entrance into the community appealing, which will definitely help with economic development.

Because of limited funding, Lupo was going to pay for the dinosaur out of her pocket and donate the dinosaur back to the project. After a number of days, Keele notified Lupo that he wanted to donate the dinosaur as his way to help with the beautification project. This project began a couple of years ago and the actual landscaping and rock placement was put in place earlier this year; all of exit 240 has either been done with donated money or in-kind efforts that the Beautification Subcommittee had raised prior.

“I would like to give a big thank you to Ralph Keele,” Lupo said.

Metal Works is located at 600 South Nick Lane in Price. He can also be reached by phone at (435) 820-9619.

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