Local Citizen MaKinzey Cross Crowned Ultimate Grand Supreme 2016 in the All-Natural Beehive Beauties Pageant


The all-natural Beehive Beauties pageant took place this past weekend in Provo. The event occurred at the Marriott Hotel on March 26. Many girls came from different areas and competed to win the title of Ultimate Grand Supreme.

There is a total of two contestants that are able to win the title, decided in age groups of zero to five and six to 17. A local young woman was crowned in the higher age group.

MaKinzey Cross is a driven young lady. She was on her school’s volleyball team, is gearing up to play softball and is a frequent name found on the honor roll, often receiving high honors. Cross and her family found out about the pageant three days before it would take place and rushed to prepare.

Beehive Beauties is a pageant that prides itself on being all-natural, meaning make-up free. The pageant consists of two parts: the first is fairy-tale, where contestants dress up as a character from an old tale. Cross made the decision to go with Pocahontas. The second part was the classic evening gown category.

Going against the odds, Cross and her family made the decision not to go with a big, poofed-up gown. Cross was briefly discouraged in believing that she had made the wrong decision in going a different way than the other girls.

“I believe this turned into more than just a pageant, I hope she also learned it is good to be different and stand out,” said Brandi Cross, MaKinzey’s mother.

At the end of the pageant, another contestant approached Cross and thanked her for being so kind to her during the competition, stating that girls are usually harsh to her and she was grateful to have someone be so nice during her first pageant.

Out of all 33 girls in the competition, Cross came out on top with the highest score and was crowned the Ultimate Grand Supreme Beehive Beauty 2016.


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