Local Dispatcher Highlighted as 2015 Dispatcher of The Year


Pictured: Gold (middle) accepts her award from (from Left to Right) Deputy Commissioner of Utah Nannette Rolfe, Commissioner Keith D. Squires, Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox, and Colonel Daniel Fuhr, superintendent of the UHP.

In the Utah Highway Patrol 2015 Annual Report, Price Public Safety Dispatcher Lillian Gold was recently highlighted for her receiving the title of 2015 Dispatcher of the Year.

“It is very humbling, but I know it is a huge honor,” explained Gold, who has worked with the patrol since September of 2003. During that time, she has helped countless individuals and grown to love her job as well.

“Dispatchers are behind the scenes,” she asserted. “But are the first ones that the public speak with when they need help now and emotions are high.” Gold and fellow dispatchers are placed in charge of answering calls and dispatching officials to various sites as needed. In Carbon County’s center, Gold and her coworkers are responsible for the dispatching of Utah Highway Patrol officials, police officers, sheriffs, DWR and other officials as needed.

Beyond helping those in crises, Gold also monitors the use of the Utah Criminal Justice Information System over eight agencies and makes sure that the system is used properly with established guidelines.

“I think my favorite part about working here is the people I work with,” Gold continued. “They are an amazing group of people and are my work family.” That family, according to Gold, extends not only to fellow workers in her office, but also field personnel and supervisors.

“Stress can be high at times,” she expressed. “You may not always see eye to eye, but you always work as a team and have mutual respect.”

When Gold began her work with the patrol over ten years ago, she remembers how challenging it was at first. “I know when I first started it was overwhelming,” she explained, “I really didn’t think it was possible for me.”

However, with time, Gold has come to flourish with her work and benefit from it in a multitude of ways. “I didn’t realize how much a job could change you and be so rewarding, professionally and personally,” she expressed.

 “She’s just an incredible dispatcher,” expressed Price City Police Captain Bill Barnes. “She’s very calm and very quick with information.” Barnes further praised Gold for her ability to handle situations with a calmness and efficiency that helps in a stress-laden line of work.

“She’s able to multitask and handle all of the different things that are going on,” he further continued. “Boy, we all sure appreciate her.”

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