Local Drivers Impress at Desert Thunder Raceway


Photo Courtesy of Desert Thunder Raceway Connection

The stock car races were held at Desert Thunder Raceway over the weekend for a two-day event. Starting in the Friday events, in heat one of the IMCA Northern Sportmod. David Madill of Price, won the eight-lap heat. Followed by Dilion Thomas in the third spot and Shawn Parish in fourth. In heat two, Scott Hardman of Green River won the heat, followed by Price’s Camden Wilson in second, Jacob Vasquez in third and Kyler Marchello in the fourth spot.

Moving on to the A Feature 1 for the IMCA Sportmod, a 20-lap race, set for 12 drivers in the race. Wilson started in the sixth position and would make his way to the front, securing the first-place finish. Parish would claim the third-place finish, followed by Kade Dimick fourth and Madill placing fifth.

In the IMCA Sport Compact events, Jackson Shiew had a couple solid races, claiming number one in his heat and winning the overall race in the 15-lap A Feature 1. In the Open Class event, Mason Gallegos had two nice races, winning the first-place finish in the heat and A Feature 1. Ferron’s Chaz Nelson would get himself a number one finish in both of his races in the Young Guns Sport Compacts. Going into the Mod Lite portion, John Erickson of Helper, claimed the second-place overall finish. Followed by Jaydun Thomas in third and Jeff Wood in fourth.

Moving onto day two of the weekend, starting in the Northern Sportmod. Madill finished in the top spot of the heat, followed by Scott Hardman in second and Wilson in the third spot. In heat two, Vasquez placed number one. Followed by Dillion Thomas in second and Parish in third. Thomas would then claim the victory in the A Feature 1, followed by Hardman placing second, Dimich with the third-place finish, Parish in fourth and Madill in fifth.

Heading into the Hobby Stock heat one, Mark Merlen of Carbonville placed in second. In heat two, Price’s Payce Herrera would also claim second as they both moved into the final race. Herrera would put in a good effort, placing in the fourth overall spot. Moving to the Mod Lite’s event, Jayden Thomas finished in first in his heat, followed by Erickson. Thomas would again win in the final race, claiming the gold, followed again by Erickson claiming silver. In the Young Guns Sport Compacts, Nelson would win again in day two. With Ryland Parker of Price, placing in second overall.

In the IMCA Sport Compact Shiew raced well again, claiming first in heat one. In heat two, Cassie Johansen of Wellington, placed number one. The two placed well in the finals race as Shiew finished second overall and Johansen claimed the fourth overall spot in the 15-lap race.

Finishing up with the Open Class in day two, Gallegos placed third in heat one. Gallegos was the lone local driver in the class with 10 cars. He would finish number one overall, taking the gold, completing a great couple days for driver. The next weekend of races will be held June 21-22 at the Desert Thunder Raceway track.

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