Local Eagle Scout Project Aims to Support Emery County Search and Rescue


Local Eagle Scout Cooper White recently announced that his Eagle Scout Project is going to focus solely on giving back to the Emery County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue, a department that White holds close to his heart.

Five years ago, when White was eight years old, he embarked on a camping trip with his immediate family, including his grandparents, on the San Rafael Swell.

White stated that the Swell is a place that he and his family know well and they were eager to spend Memorial Day weekend in the familiar terrain. For the first day, they spent their time hiking and exploring old mines. The next day, the family headed out to explore an area that they had not yet journeyed to.

They ventured past Swasey’s Cabin and explored out around a new loop. Upon climbing on crest, their ATV rolled for 30 yards before plummeting off of a 100-foot cliff.

White’s grandparents passed away at the scene with White’s cousin coming out with injuries and White himself in critical condition. White highlighted the search and rescue for being the first on the scene. While White was transported by helicopter, members of the search and rescue remained with the bodies of his grandparents. Members of the search and rescue then continued to check on White during his recovery, event attending his grandparents’ funeral.

In a YouTube video highlighting the family’s experience, White speaks on the expansive coverage that the search and rescue tackles, with much of it being popular recreation areas.

There are 42 volunteers on the search and rescue team that volunteer their time, equipment and expertise. The ages of the members range from 21 to 70 and their occupations range from probation officers and school district employees to mechanics. The team averages one phone call per week.

White broke down the major costs for the team, highlighting rescues with rope, helicopter and hiking. White’s ultimate goal for his Eagle Scout project is to raise $10,000 for the team. So far, he has raised just over $1,000. To learn more and to donate to White’s cause, please click here.

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