Local Firefighters Take Time to Assist in Nearby Blazes


ETV 10 News Stock Photo

On Wednesday, Sept. 19, a number of local firefighters took the time to travel to the Hobble Creek area and assist in the recent and much needed fire-fighting efforts. Chief Paul Bedont, Wade Marinoni, Chad Carlson, Justin Needles and Sid Nelson made the journey to protect areas at Kelly’s Grove and the Grimestone area.

The group assessed the structures in the area and determined which could be easily saved. They also determined what could be done to help protect the structures should the fire approach. An assessment of each property was completed and hoses were ran to the properties to moisten the surrounding areas.

Chief Bedont stated that, thankfully, the area did not end up needing to be moistened as the fire was able to be contained a ways away before action was needed.

Chief Bedont expressed his gratitude that these volunteer firefighters were all willing to take the time off of work to make the trip. He also thanked the fighter’s employers, Mitchell’s Funeral Home, Carlson Plumbing, Carbon County, Carbon School District and Price City. Needles, Emergency Manager, is still working with the firefighters to control the situation.

The city was also willing to let the group take an engine, equipment and needed manpower.

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