Local History Presented in ‘Reader’s Theater’


Price City’s history was presented through an oral play entitled “A City in Blow Valley” on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The reader’s theater was commissioned as part of the Price City Centennial Celebration.

Centennial Committee Chairman Barbara Piccolo said of the play, “It’s a combination of all the things from the start of the City.”

Stories ranged from arguments about the location of Price City’s first occupied dwelling to the story of a woman who saved the City by deeding her homestead to the community.

Dr. Martin Kelley wrote the play.

Kelley said, “I could tell you a lot more [about the City’s history] than we could ever put in a play.”

Shawn Forsyth said, “There are a lot of lines I relate to.”

Forsyth played Fred Grames, the first settler to build a house in Price.

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