Local Junior High and Middle School Bands Participate in Festival


Junior high and middle school band students from both Carbon and Emery counties participated in a recent band festival. This event took place on Wednesday at Mont Harmon Middle School. Mont Harmon, Helper Middle School, San Rafael Junior High and Canyon View Junior High participated in this event.

The students were judged on a scoring system similar to a normal grading system. A one is represented like an A, a two like a B, etc. The highest score that could be given was one and the lowest was four (with pluses and minuses in between).

When a group receives a one or a one minus from both judges, it is considered a superior rating and will then receive a plaque for their school. A two is considered excellent, a three is good and a four is fair.

The scores received are as follows:

-Canyon View 8th and 9th grades: 1, 1

-Canyon View 7th grade: 1-, 1-

-San Rafael 8th and 9th grades: 1, 1

-San Rafael 7th grade: 1-, 1

-Helper: 1-. 1-

-Mont Harmon 8th grade: 1-, 2+

-Mont Harmon 7th grade: 2+, 1-

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