Local Law Enforcement, First Responders Supported with Lock-Up Fundraiser


On Friday, the parking lot of the Price City Fire Department played host to the Peer Support Lock-Up Fundraiser.

This fundraiser, organized by Savannah Eley and T.J. Robertson, will benefit first responders at the Emery County Sheriff’s Office, the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office, the Price City Police Department, the Grand County Police Department, the Price City Fire Department and more.

“Sgt. Robertson has worked long and hard getting us to where we’re at and we want to give him a special thanks,” the Price City Police Department shared following the event. “The kindness demonstrated today means more to our first responders than you’ll likely ever know.”

Local law enforcement and first responders of all kinds participated, being “locked-up” in two-hour timeframes and bailed out with the money donated for the fundraiser.

The cells were sponsored by various businesses in the community and the monies will be utilized in assisting in all means for peer support within the departments. The event was a huge success as over $13,000 was raised with KWSA Jack FM being deemed the business successful in raising the most money.

“We would like to thank the community for coming out and supporting the Peer Support Fundraiser earlier today,” Helper City Police shared. It is such a great feeling to know that the Carbon County area supports first responders as much as they do.”

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