Local Lon Thayn Receives 1st Place at the NRA World Shooting Championship Competition


Press Release

On Saturday, Sept. 22, Lon Thayn from Price won first place at the three-day NRA World Shooting Championship Competition in Glengary, West Virginia. He scored over 200 shooters in the Amateur Division in 12 different events from several shooting disciplines, including shotgun, long-range precision rife, biathlon, three gun, precision pistol, as well as several other stages.

The NRA World Shooting Championship tests a shooter’s overall skills with different types of shooting and the guns used are provided by sponsors of the match. These are guns never before handled by the competitors before the match begins.

Thayn is a member of the Castle Action Shooters League and is no stranger to North Springs Shooting Range. A celebratory barbecue will take place this Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the North Springs Shooting range for an evening of dining and victory celebration for Thayn.

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