Local Man Sentenced Following Standoff with Police, Sodomy of a Child


On Friday morning, 46-year-old Isaac Micheal Christensen was sentenced in the 7th District Court on 12 charges, including sodomy on a child and aggravated sexual abuse of a child.

The incident took place on July 24, 2021 when officers were dispatched to Christensen’s residence in Carbon County for a report of an intoxicated man with a gun. Four officers responded and heard what appeared to be a gunshot followed by a woman screaming. Officers approached the residence and found Christensen holding a gun, which he proceeded to point at the officers.

While officers found cover, two adults victims, along with an infant, fled from Christensen. According to reports, Christensen had pointed his gun at the victims and broke the back window of their vehicle with the barrel of his gun, where their infant child was.

It was later discovered that the three victims had responded to Christensen’s house following a request for assistance from another child. This child reported that Christensen was intoxicated. It was later discovered that the child had been sexually abused by Christensen.

Carbon County Deputy Attorney Dominique Kiahtipes praised the officers involved in this incident, claiming they did not hesitate to protect the victims and deescalate the situation.

“These officers involved really demonstrated what it means to be an officer,” Kiahtipes said. “In that moment, that was their worst fear, but they didn’t hesitate.”

Christensen was apprehended without force and remained incarcerated for the duration of the court proceedings. For two weeks in September, a jury trial took place, where Christensen’s defense was intoxication along with defense of himself/others and defense of his habitation. Ultimately, the jury found Christensen guilty on all 12 charges.

In a sentencing hearing before Judge Jeremiah Humes on Friday, Christensen was sentenced to 25 years to life for sodomy on a child (a first-degree felony) and 15 years to life for aggravated sexual abuse of a child (a first-degree felony) in the Utah State Prison. Both those charges will be served consecutively.

Continuing, Christensen was sentenced to 1-15 years in the Utah State Prison for four counts of assault against peace officer with weapon or force (a second-degree felony), 0-5 years for two counts of aggravated assault (third-degree felonies), 0-5 years for two counts of domestic violence in the presence of a child (a third-degree felony). These charges will be served concurrently.

He was also sentenced for one year with credit for one day served for child abuse (a class A misdemeanor) in the Carbon County Jail and three months credit for time served for criminal mischief (a class B misdemeanor). Christensen was also ordered to pay restitution to the victims.

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