Local Manslaughter Case Dismissed


In late 2022, a Carbon County man was detained in the Carbon County Jail for the alleged murder of his girlfriend is 2019. Documentation stated that on Dec. 9 of 2019, Price Dispatch was notified of a female with an accidental and fatal gunshot wound to the head.

Upon arriving at the scene, Ashlie Logston was found in critical condition. Evidence and account was given by Colton James Price, Logston’s boyfriend, which began an investigation. During the course of the investigation, it was reported that Price gave conflicting accounts of how Logston was shot. Ten days after the incident, Logston succumbed to the gunshot wound.

Following careful review of all case information, copious witness statements, and other evidence submitted by the Utah State Crime Lab and Rocky Mountain RCFL, the conclusion was that Price pointed the weapon at and shot Logston.

In Dec. of 2022, Price was formally charged with manslaughter. He was originally booked for murder, felony discharge of a firearm and obstruction of justice. Price appeared in the 7th District Court regarding the case, where he was charged with the second-degree felony of manslaughter and a class A misdemeanor of obstructing justice.

The indictment detailed the incident, stating that Logston had been holding a firearm while seated at an East Carbon residence. It was then stated that the defendant had “recklessly” grabbed the firearm from Logston, causing it to discharge a bullet.

At that time, Price was ordered to be held without bail and has since faced a number of court appearances. In a continuance in February, it was indicated that there was newly-discovered body camera footage that needs to be reviewed by the Carbon County Attorney’s office and then be provided to the attorney before further action is taken.

On Thursday, March 2, the matter came before the court on the motion of the state for an order to dismiss without prejudice. The court was fully advised and found the motion should be granted. It was then ordered that the matter be dismissed without prejudice.

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