Local Middle School Choirs Compete at Festival


A multitude of young teenagers gathered at Mont Harmon Middle School in Price on Thursday afternoon for the area’s annual choir festival.

Choir groups from Mont Harmon, Helper, Canyon View and San Rafael middle schools all participated in the event. Each group competed for a score from a pair of judges, who rated the choirs based on a number of different aspects pertaining to their performance.

All of the choirs received ratings of 1 or 2, with a 2 being excellent and a 1 being superior.

Helper Middle School’s combined chorus class received 2- ratings for their performance.

Mont Harmon had five choirs perform on Thursday. The combined sxth grade chorus received a 2+ and 1- while the seventh and eighth grade chorus received a 2 and 2+. The boys’ and girls’ chorus combined for one of the performances and received two 1- scores. In their separate performances, the girls’ chorus received both 1 scores while the boys’ chorus received a 2 and 2+.

Canyon View had three choirs attend the festival. Canyon View’s sixth grade chorus received two 2+ ratings for their performance while concert choir received a 2 and 2+. The Madri-Gals received two 1- ratings.

San Rafael also had three choirs at the festival. San Rafael’s sixth-grade choir received two 2+ scores and the girls’ choir received a 2+ and 1-. The combined choir received two 1- ratings in their respective performance.

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