Local National Guardsmen Sent Off With Special Parade


Led by the Price American Legion, Local National Guardsmen were paraded down 100 North in Price Tuesday as they prepare for deployment to Afganistan for approximately a year.

The Carbon High School Band played a tune from Madonna as it marched behind Legion members.

“I’m just proud,” said Monica Clausing, wife of Price City Council member Wayne Clausing, who passed out flags lined up along the parade route. “Proud to live in Price, proud to be in Price and proud to be associated with the people here.”

The following are remarks made by Price City Council member Kathy Hanna-Smith just prior to the parade:

“This event was actually generated by city hall, and a number us justВ jumped right in and it became contagious because people wanted toВ help. So it’s been an awesome event up to this point.В We’ve only spent maybe two weeks at the most on planning. We did theВ breakfast at the college. It was a private breakfast for the soldiersВ and their families. We then did the breakfast over at WashingtonВ park that was open to the public and any money that we raised asВ profit went to a family support fund for the families of the soldiersВ who are away. So only about two weeks went into it and we pulled itВ off like we had been doing it for years.”

She concluded by saying:

“This certainly is emotional. This morning I thought that I shouldВ drive down here to view the route so I started as far west as I couldВ go with the flags. I drove east and thought, ‘oh my gosh isn’t thisВ just the most emotional thing?’ it was just breathtaking. It feelsВ good that a community like this comes together for a worthy cause.В That’s Price City though, they’re known for that. It just took myВ breath away.В For sure I say thank you to everyone who showed up to give theirВ support. I know how people are in Carbon County, their hearts areВ always right, their hearts are always giving and what could be aВ better time to pull us all together than a time like this?”


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