Local Officials Remind All Inspect Halloween Candy


A reminder was recently released regarding Halloween and children’s safety. This reminder focused primarily on Halloween candy and a recent uptick that has been noticed in local drug activity. It was stated that some of the activity involves drugs that look like candy and marijuana edibles, including Rice Krispie treats.

It was reported by the Emery County Drug Task Force that a variety of drugs have been disguised as candy such as gummy bears or worms, Sour Patch Kids, Sweet Tarts and other common treats.

It was stated that, as marijuana edibles are legal for purchase in surrounding states, it is no surprise that they have found their way into Utah. As always, parents and guardians should inspect all Halloween candy received before a child consumes it.

It was also suggested that children do not trick-or-treat at the homes of strangers and homemade goods that are received should not be eaten.

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