Local Sergeant Works to Overcome Medical Hurdle


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On Sept. 4, Price City Police Department (PCPD) Sgt. Kelly Maynes suffered a stroke and was transported to the University of Utah Hospital. There, it was found that he had a 100% block in his internal carotid artery and he suffered additional “mini-strokes” while hospitalized.

Sgt. Maynes remained at the hospital until the evening of Sept. 9 after numerous tests and procedures. He improves day by day and is currently undergoing additional medical treatments and procedures as well as physical therapy. While a timetable is not certain for his return to work, it does look promising for an eventual return.

It was stated that Sgt. Maynes dedicated his life to serving others, with 22 years spent working for various law enforcement agencies and shouldering many assignments. He has worked for the East Carbon Police Department, the Sunnyside Police, Ambulance and Fire Departments, Wellington City Police Department, the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office, and most recently the PCPD.

He has been employed by the Price City Police Department since 2012 and is the current sergeant over investigations. Outside of his day-to-day duties, Sgt. Maynes is also a D.A.R.E instructor and leads the local Shop-With-a-Cop program, which is something that he has overseen for over a decade.

An account has been established for Sgt. Maynes and his family at the Cache Valley Bank. Donated funds will be utilized for his growing medical costs and continued treatment.

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