Local Stackers Take Aim at Guinness World Record in Sport Stacking


By Julie Johansen

Students from Castle Dale Elementary helped set a new Guinness World Record in sport stacking on Nov. 17. Thousands of participants helped to set a new record number of stackers during this event.

Last year’s record was 618,394 and the goal for 2016 is 625,000. Sport Stackers from all over the world are required to be up stacking and down stacking various pyramids at lightning speeds for at least 30 minutes. Stacking and un stacking plastic cups is an energizing and brain activating as well as a record setting activity.

According to Bob Fox, WSSA founder, the Guinness activity is a wonderful way to bring together sport stackers across the globe. It promotes hand-eye coordination, fitness, teamwork, speed and lots of fun. Sport Stacking is an activity enjoyed by all ages and cultures. In order to take part in the record setting STACK UP schools and organizations are required to register 25 or more stackers with the World Sport Stacking Association.

Once 30 minutes has been accomplished, the organizer and a witness are required to send in an online verification of the numbers to the WSSA. These numbers will then be passed on to Guinness for official recognition. Sport Stacking has been termed ”a track meet for your hands at warp speed.”

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