Local, State and Federal Leaders Highlight Lincoln Day Dinner


The Republican Party of Carbon County held its annual Lincoln Day Dinner Friday evening at USU Eastern’s Jennifer Leavitt Student Center.

The event featured appearances from local, state and federal government officials including county commissioners, city councilmen, Governor Gary Herbert as well as United States Senator Mike Lee and U.S. Congressman Jason Chaffetz.

Before the event, a press session was held with Congressman Chaffetz, Governor Herbert and State Auditor John Dougall. Issues such as presidential candidates, national monument designation and energy were discussed, among others.

“I said I would support the Republican nominee,” expressed Congressman Chaffetz when asked if he would be supporting Donald Trump as the presidential nominee for the Republican Party.

“He is attracting and bringing millions of people to the Republican party that haven’t been there in the past,” he continued in praise of Trump, using Nevada as an example of increased voter turnout in caucus meetings as compared to four years ago.

“Carbon-based fuels and or nuclear power will be the baseload of energy generation in this country for the next generation to come and maybe longer.” Expressed Governor Herbert. “If you’re going to burn coal, it ought to be Utah coal,” he further expressed in defense of the resource praising it for its cleanliness and efficiency.

Governor Herbert, who also serves as chairman of the national governor’s association and has befriended other governors throughout the country, further offered hope that a solution could be reached on the war on coal.

“I think in a bipartisan way we can push back against this federal overreach,” he further explained.

While at the dinner, several officials also spoke who are running for various positions in their respective races. Christine Watkins, Dave Hansen (representing Jonathan Johnson), Casey Hopes as well as David Damschen and John Dougall spoke to the audience on a variety of topics.

Congressman Chaffetz and Senator Lee also spoke before the floor was given to Governor Herbert. The Governor spoke of how the state has improved as well as spoke passionately on the war on coal.

Governor Herbert further challenged those in attendance to strive to be involved where possible.

“The point I want to make to you though,” he further expressed, “is all of us have the ability to make a difference.”

“The American dream is alive and well in Utah because of you,” Governor Herbert stated in closing.

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