Local Students Sing Their Way to Superiors


Pictured: Members of one of San Rafael’s Choruses perform at a recent concert for the public.

Members of Junior High and Middle School Choirs gathered for a competition on April 28 at Mont Harmon Middle School’s auditorium. San Rafael Junior High, Canyon View Junior High, Helper Middle School and Mont Harmon Middle School participated in the event.

Students were judged and awarded scores on a numerical scale ranging from a superior presentation (represented by a one) to a poor performance (represented by a five) similarly to other music competitions throughout the state.

San Rafael Junior High School’s choirs were well represented by many choirs as the seventh grade chorus brought home double two plus scores and again as the eighth and ninth grade combined choir scored a three plus and a two minus from the judges. The school’s men’s chorus scored a two minus and a two as well as the women’s choir.

Canyon View Junior High School’s Boys Choir received excellent ratings from both judges involved in event, while the school’s concert choir received a two plus (excellent plus) and a superior rating. The junior high’s girls choir was awarded double superior ratings. Helper received two excellent ratings, a two and a two plus, for their mixed choir’s performance.

Mont Harmon Middle School’s sixth grade chorus received two superior ratings, as well as the seventh and eighth grade chorus, the seventh and eighth grade girls chorus, and the combined seventh and eighth grade boys and girls chorus. The boys chorus, comprised of seventh and eighth graders, received two excellent ratings of two plus.

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