Local Tumblers Compete in First Meet of Season, Walk Away Victorious


For their first meet of the season, Pineau’s Tumbling & Trampoline Team competed in Helper and walked away with numerous victories. The meet was sponsored by Carbon County Recreation.

For Pineau’s Tumbling & Trampoline Team, Haylie Powell, Ian Rogers, Audacee Eden, Brailie Peterson, Tylee Jensen, Hyrum Oveson and Jaycee Peterson all received three first-place medals.

Placing with two first place medals and one second place medal were Josie Vea, Anaiya Rogers, Skyler Oveson, and Taylor Barrett.

Aubrey Vigor and Alea Madill both scored two first-place finishes and one third. Shalyce Rauhala and Aly Rogers both earned a first-place award and two second-place finishes.

Sage Vea, Kadence Vea and Mersadie Oveson all scored one first-place, one second-place and one third-place finish. Naomi Mathis received a first-place finish along with a second and fifth-place.

Ember Densley placed first, third and fourth in the meet Marisa Oveson placing first, third and fifth as well. Ella Anderson placed first, fourth and sixth.

MacKenna Payton walked away with two second-place finishes and a third-place one as well while Kashley Rhodes and Grace Simms walked away with two second-place finishes and one fifth-place.

Lexi Rauhala placed second and third twice with teammate Kelli Rauhala placing third and fourth twice at the meet.

Those who placed for Carbon County Recreation Tumbling Program include Brooklynn Martinez, who scored two first-place finishes and a third-place finish.

Neveah Whiting placed second, third and fourth with Angela Morgan placing first and fifth. Jordyn Pierce placed second and fourth while Starla Morgan placed fourth twice.

The athletes were coached by Pineau Nielsen, Melanie Oveson, Sierra Jensen and Haylie Powell.

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