Local Tumblers Score Big in Recent Meet


By R. Chantz Richens

At the SUTA Helper Meet held Saturday, Feb. 20, local tumblers from Carbon County Recreation and Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline Team competed in power tumbling, double mini trampoline and trampoline.

Nevaeh Whiting from Carbon County Recreation placed first in both power tumbling and double mini trampoline. Brailee Peterson, Josie Vea and Audacee Eden, from Pineau’s Tumbling and Trampoline Team, placed first in all three events.

Other members of the latter team included Skyler Oveson, Allison Wright, Kashley Rhodes, Jaycee Peterson, Mackenna Payton, Mersadie Oveson and Cecilia Moore, who all placed first in power tumbling and double mini trampoline while placing second in trampoline. Fellow team members Julia Moore, Kadence Vea and Hyrum Oveson all placed took home a first and two second place awards in the same events.

Brooklyn Martinez, also from Carbon County Recreation’s team, placed first in power tumbling while taking home a third in double mini trampoline and a fourth-place finish in trampoline.

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