Local Wells Fargo Gives Thanks to Carbon and Emery County Officers


The employees of the local Wells Fargo Bank, located on Main Street in Price, have many reasons to give thanks to the officers that work tirelessly in Carbon and Emery counties.

In their line of work, a need for a police officer arises from time to time. When these instances occur, the employees are comforted in their knowledge that the officers that work in both counties are dependable and steadfast.

“With all of the negativity in the media with all of the police officers, we wanted to do something positive for them and show how much we appreciate the hard work they do,” stated Wells Fargo employee Chauncey Jensen.

To give back to the officers, the employees took time to gather treats that they placed in a gift bag with a special message to the officers that read:

“Lifesavers, to remind you of the many times you’ve been one. Smarties, to give you wisdom for those split second decisions. Hershey Kisses, to show you our love. Gum, to help everyone stick together. Tootsie Roll, to help you roll with the punches. Peppermint Patty, to help you keep your cool. Mounds, for all the mounds of courage you show. Laffy Taffy, to help you remember that laughing is great stress reliever. Thank you for everything you do for our community.”

The officers were also given a special Wells Fargo plush horse named “Nellie”, which is a collectors edition item.

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