Local Woman Sentenced for Involvement in Randy Jones Murder


Anna Brewer was sentenced to serve time at the Utah State Prison for her involvement in the death of Randy Jones.

Anna Brewer, appearing before Seventh District Court Judge George Harmond, was sentenced to prison last week for her involvement in the murder of William Randy Jones. Jones’ body was located in Emery County last year after an apparent assault that led to his death.

“On May 2, 2019, the Emery County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a body located in the Mohrland area of Emery County,” the Emery County Sheriff’s Office shared in a statement. “Officers responded and began their investigation. It was determined the deceased was 61-year-old William Randy Jones, who had died of blunt force trauma.”

Following investigation, authorities were led to Brandon Samples as the primary suspect. Samples, who was on parole on an unrelated matter, was taken into custody shortly after the incident and incarcerated at the Utah State Prison while the investigation was ongoing.

According to the Emery County Attorney’s Office, Brewer was also a suspect early on in the investigation. She was reportedly untruthful to authorities initially, but eventually came forward with her account of the incident. Through her account, she was able to assist authorities in locating the baseball bat that was used to beat Jones. The injuries sustained from the bat, wielded by both Samples and Brewer, ultimately led to Jones’ death.

While Brewer admitted during Samples’ trial that she had hit Jones with the bat, it was noted that she had a broken arm at the time and was wearing a cast. Authorities and investigators did not believe her strikes with the bat led to Jones’ death; rather, her agreement to testify against Samples for his beating of Jones resulted in a plea agreement.

The agreement included Brewer testifying for the State against Samples in his trial for murder, abuse/desecration of a dead human body and three counts of obstructing justice. In turn, Brewer was charged with the lone count of obstruction of justice and the State recommended probation instead of a prison sentence during the sentencing last Tuesday, June 2.

In addition to the State’s recommendation for probation, Jones’ loved ones also provided statements, requesting the harshest sentence possible for Brewer’s involvement. The stiffest sentence, one to 15 years in the Utah State Prison, was imposed by Judge George Harmond due to the severity of the case as a whole.

“Based on the defendant’s conviction of obstructing justice, a second degree felony, the defendant is sentenced to an indeterminate term of not less than one year nor more than 15 years in the Utah State Prison,” court documents read. “Commitment is to begin immediately.”

Brewer was not initially incarcerated following the incident, but she was taken into custody immediately following the sentencing. During the sentencing, it was recommended that Brewer be considered for one of the treatment programs offered at the Utah State Prison. The Board of Pardons was also encouraged to consider the assistance the defendant provided to the State in the prosecution of the co-defendant (Samples). The Emery County Attorney’s Office stated that Brewer has already filed an appeal on the sentencing.

Samples is scheduled to be sentenced in the Seventh District Court for his involvement on Wednesday, June 10. He was charged with murder and abuse/desecration of a dead human body as well as three counts of obstructing justice. All five of these charges are felony offenses.

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