Local Yards Celebrated Through September’s All Spruced Up Awards


The All Spruced Up awards are awarded monthly to exceptional lawns throughout the city of Price. These yards are chosen by meeting a certain set of criteria, including neatness, clean and orderly, uniqueness and more.

When driving through Price City, small tidbits of the way that the city used to look can be found. One yard in particular, belonging to Pat Colosimo and Dominic Guarascio, has a streetlight erected proudly. This light is one of the original streetlights that used to adorn Price’s streets. This couple and their historic yard were awarded for the month of September.

The other winners of September’s Yard of the Month awards are Craig and Laura Dastrup, Nick and Jess Teney and Elias and Lori Perez. The next awards will be granted to yards that are proudly displaying their Halloween spirit and will be chosen toward the end of October.

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