Locals Deemed Best at Lip Syncing During Emery County Fair


By Julie Johansen and Traci Bishop

A fun part of any fair are the contests and competitions that attendees and community members are able to participate in. For the 2016 Emery County Fair, one of those competitions that proved fun for all was the lip sync contest that took place on Thursday.

There were a handful of groups that took part in the competition and even a handful of solo singers. Silly costumes and props were encouraged and added to the humor.

First place winners were awarded $500 and second place $250. The first place in the small group category was awarded to Single Syncer. Rockin R’s were given small group’s second place award. First place for large group went to Puddle of Sisters with 3 Rocked Heroes coming in second place.

The fair staff would like to thank those that competed and made the contest great.

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