Locals Fill 2,000 Sandbags to Battle Expected Flooding in Green River


Running at 46,000 cubic feet per second in 1983, the Green River flooded the State Park, causing severe damage. So, yesterday, with estimates of the peak flow this year reaching 61,000 cfs, nearby residents took preemptive measures attempting to eliminate a similar result, filling over 2,000 sandbags.

The situation is made even more precarious because with cuts in federal and state funding, the State Park was already in danger of being shut down. If the golf course is damaged this flood season, there will be no monies to repair and fix problems if they occur.

Emery and Grand County Sheriff’s deputies and inmates, volunteers from Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah, and a local youth group assist to filling the over 2,000 sandbags. The sand bags were placed on pallets and placed under an awning until they are needed.

The group included representatives from the Green River State Park, including Manager Eugene Swalberg, Randy Ford, Tom Hughes and Travis Newland; Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk and officers and employees including Kyle Ekker, Shawn Bell, Doug Downard, Gayle Jensen, Richard Mills, Alex O’Neil, Jeff Thomas, Mitch Vetere, Les Wilberg and Janalee Luke; Emery County Commissioners Jeff Horrocks and Laurie Pitchforth; Grand County Sheriff Steve White; 35 youth and leaders from the Green River LDS Congregation; the volunteer group from USU Eastern; as well as Darrel Mecham, Veronica Bullock, Corky Brewer and inmates from both counties.

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