Locals March for America


By Julie Johansen

Citizens of Ferron organized and hosted a patriotic event on the city’s Main Street on Saturday morning in celebration of the Fourth of July. Families, individuals, couples and cheerleaders gathered at the church on the hill before riding or walking to honor their country and show solidarity with law enforcement and first responders. Traffic was directed by Emery County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

Those parading rode in side-by-sides, on hay wagons, golf carts or lawn mowers, or walked to show their love for the USA and law enforcement. Those watching the walk in the park chanted “USA, USA” as the parade passed by.

Becky Allred, one of the organizers of the event, said the walk was a way for local residents to be a “force for good” while celebrating local first responders and our freedoms. In conclusion, members of the Emery County Sheriff’s Office were each treated with a small gift as a token of appreciation from local residents.

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