Locals Place in the Wasatch Boer Classic


The Wasatch Boer Classic was hosted by the American Boer Goat Association (ABGA) in Tooele on Oct. 9-11. The breeding goats and their owners from Elmo did very well.

The locals placed well in all classes and brought home many ribbons. Jaxsten, Haiden and Aceden Thayn were joined by Deri and Devlin Thatcher, who all showcased their animals.

Haiden was successful in winning four blue ribbons in breeding does, one blue ribbon in breeding bucks and also took the Reserve Champion in the medium weight breeding bucks. Jaxsten won a yellow and white for breeding does. He also received Grand Champion in Intermediate Showmanship.

Meanwhile, Aceden won a blue and pink ribbon in breeding does while Devlin was awarded a yellow ribbon for his breeding doe in the three to six month class. Deri was awarded Junior Reserve Buck and second place in breeding does. Deri also received the first place in class for breeding does and Junior Grand Champion Buck.

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