Location Approved for Paintball Area in Carbon County


In May, community members Megan Marshall and Clinton Broadhead visited the Carbon County Commissioners to request approval of a paintball area in the county.

During their Wednesday evening meeting, the commissioners revisited this topic. Commissioner Tony Martines stated that they provided three possible locations to the duo for the paintball area. One that they liked is located near the airport. Carbon County Attorney Christian Bryner drafted a memorandum of understanding, which states that they are able to use the property; however, there will be some grading that they will have to do for parking.

After that, they will be able to bring out obstacles, pallets and more for paintball tournaments. Commissioner Martines assured his fellow commissioners that they will keep an eye on the area and ensure that it is not trashy, full of junk or out of control. The county is able to tell them they are not allowed to use the property if it gets out of hand, he said.

The paintball field will be open to the public and those that wish to reserve it for a special event will have to coordinate with the county. Commissioner Larry Jensen suggested signage that signifies where the field is as it is located back from the road. Bryner stated that is does not have to be listed in the agreement, but he did agree that there can be a sign marking it as the county paintball area.

Commission Chair Casey Hopes also stated that they should ensure that there are clear property boundaries to keep the paintballs on the right property. The usage of the area was then approved by the commissioners.

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