Locations Considered for Helper’s All-Access Park


Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman began the Thursday evening city council meeting with a public comment that was submitted regarding the proposed all-access park on Bryner Street. The comment came from a couple that owns property next to the proposed park, stating that they do not feel that it is a good location.

Their first concern is that it is on a dead-end street, meaning people will likely drive to the end of the street to turn around on private property. The property owners also stated that they do not know where people would park except for on the road, effectively blocking its full use. Continuing, it was stated that the road coming from Spring Canyon is busy and many will be traveling in the area, which could be dangerous for children.

The owners stated that there are other parks in Helper that are established and have parking, and it makes more sense to use them. Other concerns voiced were that people will not clean up after themselves and that the wash located near the park is a hazard for small children.

Councilwoman Michelle Goldsmith then spoke on the park, stating that in discussion with neighbors in the area, one was extremely positive, one was negative and one was neutral on the situation. Councilwoman Goldsmith spoke with Valorie Marietti, another voice behind the park, and they thought it should be open for the public to comment and voice where they would like the park.

There are possible areas, such as the subdivision, the Bryner Street location, the Helper City Park and more. The progress of the park and the location is an ongoing discussion with the city, residents and those hoping to bring the park to fruition.

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