Long Prison Sentence Handed Out To Second Defendant in Romano Case


Amanda Nicole Romano appeared for arraignment in Seventh District Court on Monday.

Represented by Attorney David Allred, Romano faced 14 felonies and a misdemeanor stemming from an arrest with two other defendants in August in a child sex abuse case.

Romano pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor child abuse charge and entered no contest pleas to three aggravated sexual abuse of a child charges. The misdemeanor carries a 0-1 year sentence. The felony charges carry a minimum mandatory sentence of 15 to life each. Judge Douglas B.Thomas explained to Romano that mitigating information can be taken into account and her potential sentence had the possibility of being reduced to either 10 years to life or six years to life, but no less than that.

Both Allred and County Attorney Jeremy Humes agreed that the case had some evidentiary and trial difficulties and made a joint recommendation that the sentence for each felony be imposed as 10 years to life. All other charges would be dismissed upon Romano’s guilty pleas. The psychological and competency evaluations identified issues with PTSD, prior sexual abuse and low cognitive function with Romano. But Judge Thomas also identified that the abuse involving the child was substantial and caused great damage.

Humes also informed the judge that the parents of the teenagers involved in the case wanted to see Romano sentenced to the maximum length. After weighing the information, Judge Thomas stated he did not feel like he could second guess the recommendations of the state and imposed three 10 years-to-life sentences to run concurrently on the felony charges. He also handed out a 0- 1 year sentence on the misdemeanor to run concurrently as well. He will also recommend that she be housed in the sex offender treatment facility so she may receive treatment.

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