Longtime Preschool Teachers Say Goodbye at Retirement Party


By Kaitlyn Tracy

Members of the community gathered at Washington Park on Friday evening to celebrate the retirement of two teachers from Miss Alice’s Preschool.

Alice Olsen opened the preschool over 30 years ago and Judi Schades has been teaching by her side ever since. Together they have taught over 1,000 students and have been teaching in the community for a combined 67 years.

Schades said she began teaching at Notre Dame as a substitute. “That is where I met Miss Alice and she invited me to join her at her new preschool,” she said. “(Olsen) told me I could work with her until she retired and then take over the preschool, but I couldn’t work there without her.”

The preschool will stay open under Kim Ragsdale, a former student of Olsen and Schades.

Olsen said she has enjoyed her time at the preschool and is glad to be leaving it in the hands of a former student. “It’s fun to know I made a difference,” she said.


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