Looking Back and Forward at Castle Valley Center *Photo Gallery*


This is a picture taken from the Carbon County Historical Society website. Spring Glen Elementary was constructed in 1927. The mystery is the building connected to the school. This building was not there by the 1970s. If anyone in the community knows about this building, it would be very interesting to find out more information. It appears this building was recently built at the time of this picture.

Carbon School District Press Release

Many in the community are probably wondering what is going on at the Castle Valley Center in Price. One person even wondered if it was closed and boarded up with all the plastic covering on one end.
Well, the school is still there and doing better than ever. The plastic is covering to allow workers to work in any weather and to allow the grout and cement to cure properly. The school is soon going to have a new addition. This will consist of two classrooms, three bathrooms and a large multipurpose room.
“We are very excited to see our dream become a reality,” school staff shared. “With the new classrooms, all of our teachers and students will be in the building. This is important for security and for safety since our students will no longer need to travel from the building to an outside trailer. Depending on the time of year, this meant going over snow and ice to go back and forth each day on multiple occasions. Our school board and our district administration have been very supportive to see this new addition built.”
It may be interesting to see the progression of buildings in the local area that have been used over the years for educating those with disabilities in Carbon and Emery Counties. Enjoy the following pictures and perhaps it will jog your memory of the different places the local school has occupied over the years.
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