Loved Ones Make Contact with Whiteleather, Call Off Search Party for Missing Price Man


Friends and family of missing Dana Whiteleather had scheduled a search party for the Price man after he did not return home on Saturday. After contact with Whiteleather late Monday evening, parties called off the search that was scheduled for Wednesday.

According to Jennifer Marakis Hiefner, Whiteleather’s girlfriend, the man made contact with her via a phone call on Monday evening.

“He is alive but not well,” Marakis Hiefner said. “He could not tell me exactly where he was at, just (that he was) in Ogden. The police are tracking his last calls now.”

She said that the missing person report is ongoing until police can locate Whiteleather and assure that he is alright.

The search for Whiteleather by police stems from the man coming up missing on Saturday evening. According to Whiteleather’s girlfriend, he was last seen in Ogden and was on his way home to Price. He never made it home and his loved ones are concerned for his well-being, especially since he suffers from liver disease and did not have his medicine with him.

A nationwide missing persons report was filed for Whiteleather on Monday.

Whiteleather was last seen wearing light blue levis with white crosses on back pockets, a grey button-up shirt and black leather coat. According to Marakis Hiefner, he always has glasses on his head. Whiteleather drives a silver 1999 Chrysler Concord with four doors. The license plate on the car reads Y283MG.

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